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IntraSale’s Vision: to generate £1bn in referred business for our members through personal recommendations.

IntraSale allows you to recommend and refer people you trust to others, while increasing your own business opportunities and improving your reputation.

As this is the trial version, please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything wrong!

How was INTRA SALE created?

Vince Middleton OBE created IntraSale in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and was developed from the frustrations of missed opportunities. Not just opportunities for himself, but for other people and companies that had solvable problems that could have led to business development across the country. He himself had business problems he needed to solve, but no way of getting hold of the best people to solve them.

At networking meetings, he found himself recommending other companies to his network, trying to obtain referrals for business problems he needed to solve but having no efficient way of introducing people. Just the hope that he would remember to send that email at the end of the day.

Vince soon realised that there must be a better to way to introduce businesses together – and get recognised for it! And so IntraSale was born….

IntraSale has since been in development over the last few years and with the advancements in technology, it was decided it would be created as a secure and accessible online platform. With a background in the engineering industry, Vince developed IntraSale as a cost-effective, secure, accessible and members-only platform to help local business flourish.

Benefits of Membership

Are you a business owner or leader, a buyer of professional services or a business development professional? Put IntraSale to work for you. It’s a true business development tool, creating opportunities for new business for you and people you recommend.

Develop relationships, build subject-matter authority and reinforce your reputation through word of mouth and trusted referral partners.

IntraSale members can post out communications to their trusted community to find recommended suppliers for specific projects or anything else to prevent missed opportunities. Business has already been generated by IntraSale’s dedicated founder members.

Unlock new opportunities to do business with highly reputable companies. Join IntraSale today.

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